Advancing Professionals

Bring the expertise of one of our ASHA Certified Speech-Language Pathologist or Audiologist to your event!

ASHA Conventions - State Conventions - Inservice and Workshops - Webinars

The SLA team understands and is committed to the value of continuing education.  Now you can take advantage of our team members experience presenting at the local events, and at state and national conventions on a wide range of current topics.   We have significant content developed that is appropriate for school based SLP’s.   Some of our topics include:  

•        American Sign Language

•        Deaf/Hard of Hearing students in the class

•        Augmentative Alternative Communication

•        AAC/AT

•        Selective Mutism

•        AAC communication implementation training

•        Parent communication training

•        And much more

In addition, we can customize our presentations by developing content that targets the specific developmental needs of your team.  

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Interested in learning ASL or developing AAC skills? We offer several advanced learning opportunities.

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