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All clinicians have their Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC)s and NJ licenses.

We specialize in: articulation, dysfluency, language, augmentative/alternative communication (AAC), and American Sign Language (ASL).

All consultations and appointments take place in the comfort and convenience of your own home. We will always do our very best to accommodate your busy schedule. For more information about our available services and programs, please contact us.

All of our offerings are tailored to meet you and your family’s needs.  We look forward to meeting you and your family!

Certified by:

– American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Making effective communication, a human right, accessible and achievable for all.

– New Jersey Speech-Language-Hearing Association Promoting the highest standards for speech, language, and hearing services in New Jersey


Kristy Davies


Rachel Petrin

Speech Language Pathologist


Kristy is a certified and licensed Speech Language Pathologist with over 10 years of experience in schools, early intervention, and assisting clients privately. She obtained a Master’s degree in Speech Language Hearing Science from LaSalle University. She is a Masters level Signing Time instructor and is Hanen Certified.

Starting in 2008, Kristy has had a strong enthusiasm for sharing her knowledge with others and began presenting at venues such as the Pennsylvania Speech-Language and Hearing Convention, Pittsburgh AAC Language Seminar Series 2015, ATIA 2016 and Closing the Gap 2017. She continues to this day in presenting a various local and national conferences/conventions and workshops.

Kristy is a doctoral candidate at Nova Southeastern University focusing on AAC support for parents. Kristy is also an adjunct professor at Burlington County College teaching American Sign Language.


Rachel earned her Bachelor’s degree in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology from Bloomsburg University and her Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. After graduation, Rachel volunteered in Haiti with Global Therapy Group where she worked with children with developmental disabilities and adults with traumatic brain injuries and strokes in an outpatient setting. She has her Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association and currently holds a speech-language pathology license in New Jersey. Before joining Speech Language Associates, Rachel worked in public and private education for 3 years, specializing in children with complex communication needs. She has experience working with children and adults who have various diagnoses, including but not limited to: Autism, hearing loss, learning impairments, cognitive impairments, and neurological impairments. She eagerly keeps abreast of the latest advances in AAC and has attended numerous seminars in the areas of Augmentative and Alternative Communication and hearing loss. Rachel's education and experiences help her to deliver the most positive outcomes possible for her clients.

Outside of work, Rachel volunteers with Small Steps in Speech as a committee member. You will also find Rachel and her husband going on walks with their Alaskan Malamute, biking, kayaking, exploring, and working out together at CrossFit.


Speech Language Evaluation

• Comprehensive speech and language evaluations, including Articulation/Fluency

• Unbiased 3rd party speech-language. (This is needed in times of litigation, IEP development, and/or therapy/goal recommendations)

• Auditory Language Processing evaluations

Augmentative Alternative Communication Services

• Full comprehensive evaluation including dedicated (e.g. PRC, DynavoxTobii, Saltillo) and non-dedicated (e.g. Apple iPad), consultation, training

Speech Language Therapy

• Individual services provided to address your specific goals. Specializing in areas:

-Speech and Language Disorders


• American Sign Language workshops

• school-based team workshops

• AAC communication strategies for schools, group homes, and families

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See what our clients say


"It was a pleasure having Kristy work with my daughter, who is six years old and non-verbal. My daughter can be very aggressive, and difficult to do therapy with in a one-on-one setting, and Kristy handled her perfectly. She was very patient with her, but firm when she needed to be. She also went above and beyond, working with other therapists to make sure everyone was doing the same thing when working with my daughter (which is pivotal for autistic kids). Highly Recommended!"

father of Abigail, Riverside, NJ
father of Abigail, Riverside, NJ

“Kristy worked with my son and the results were amazing! She was patient, caring, and knowledgeable. My son came a long way under her guidance and teaching. I would highly recommend her services!”

Jessica K (parent)
Jessica K (parent)

“Kristy is an extremely knowledgeable SLP! She understands evidence based practice and provides therapy services accordingly. Kristy is also a wonderful clinical supervisor and supportive of all her clients needs.”

Kristin L
Kristin L SLP

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  • Phone: 856-492-1355
  • Working hours: 8AM - 5PM

What is speech-language therapy?

Speech- language therapy provides diagnostics, treatment, support and care for individuals (children and adults) who have difficulties with communication, or with eating, drinking and swallowing. The broad term of communication includes language (receptive and expressive), pragmatics and other aspects.

Do you take insurance?

We currently take Tricare and are soon taking other insurances as well.

We are considered an out-of-network provider, so if approved you will get the reimbursement rate under your out-of-network policy. Our billing department can find out what your benefits are before you start therapy. Once you are receiving therapy, you can submit your claims for reimbursement with the paperwork we provide you.

What does it usually cover?

Each insurance plan is different. Many plans have some type of coverage, but it depends on the policy. Based on the allowable amount, some get 20 sessions per year (plus or minus a few). Some get 70% of each session, while others get 100%, and some don’t get any at all. Sometimes a deductible is required to be met, and others need to get a precertification before starting. Our billing department will be able to give you all of that information once they call your insurance.

Do I need an evaluation?

We like to follow best practice evidence-based standards. Therefore, we need an evaluation for us to start any type of service. However, we accept recent evaluations (e.g. from school, a hospital or outpatient facility). If you don’t have a recent evaluation, we would be more than happy to schedule one for you. Please note: insurance companies who require precertification do not accept school evaluations.

How long are your sessions?

Our sessions vary depending on the individual and type of therapy but are typically blocked for 30 or 60 minutes.

How much therapy does my child need?

That’s a great question and one we can discuss together after the evaluation is completed.

Where is your office?

We are located in Delran but see patients at the convenience of their location, which is typically their home.

How do I get started?

Call us 609-492-1355 or email us info@speechlanguageassociates.com