Our focus is on teaching communication and language skills that break down the barriers that cause Social Isolation. We want to not only help an individual succeed in school or at work but to help them have a more fulfilling and enriching life. We provide services for the Family, for Schools and for Developing Professionals to ensure that every individual with need has the best opportunity to unlock their full potential.

When an individual learns to communicate their own unique personality, it not only enhances their life but the lives of those around them. Having the ability to share their sense of humor, their imagination, and at times their pain, opens the door to a lifetime of fulfillment and conversation.


Does your child have trouble communicating with you or others?
We can help.

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Are you looking for a partner to provide Speech Language, D/HH, & Augmentative Alternative Communication services?

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Interested in learning ASL or developing AAC skills? We offer several advanced learning opportunities.

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